Promotional Launch

2. Promotional Launch

Not every business beats at the same pulse. Many entrepreneurs are at a transitional stage. Some are working a full-time job, burning the midnight oil to pursue their passion. Some have been hindered by previous relationships. And some just don’t have the funds to take the plunge. Whether you’re short on time, trust, or capital, we can keep the lifeblood of your business moving equitably.

How much do you commit to your business each week?
Two days? Thousands of dollars?

We can still be effective together by maintaining a certain degree of engagement with your audience. Let’s execute key elements at a steady pace that creates a stable and sustainable relationship. Think of this as working at a fraction of the capacity it takes to run an all-inclusive business model. Plus, we have the flexibility to scale up, step back, or strike when the iron is hot!

1 Profile Creation

Your online presence is your audience's first impression of you. It's important to create a cohesive brand across multiple platforms. Let's position yours on social media or a niche network like a speakers bureau or an accredited club.

1 Webpage Integration

Websites range in scope, but they are a vital piece of any customer journey. Let us integrate a stand-alone page or a part of your website into our workload for you. We'll collaborate to optimize it for conversions.

6 Business Consultations

Collaborating and communicating regularly is integral to growing together. At a minimum, we would schedule six, bi-weekly Zoom video conference calls. We want you to know that when we work together, we are mutually invested in the fate of your business.

Social Media Posts
How often should a new business post on social media?
two days per week minimum

Posting to social media can tap into new audiences. It’s also important to nurture your current followers. Both can be achieved by delivering quality content. We will create and schedule 24 unique social media posts for distribution. This includes branded graphics and copy.

Outbound Inquiries

Our sales team can leverage tools like your media kit, biography, web presence, and SLO to conduct 300 outbound inquiries on your behalf. How much time would it take you to reach out to 300 new people?

Outbound inquiries are conducted through several mediums including the following:

Choice of only one of the following options:

1 Product Developed

Product diversity is important for growth. Together we can transform your content into a valuable resource for your customers.

1 Affiliate

Building relationships with other businesses can launch new ventures and connect you with new people.

1 CRM Funnel

Automating pieces of the customer journey saves countless hours and allows us to direct traffic the way we want.

3 Sales Campaigns

Nearly every month has a theme that can be leveraged for sales, but it's important to avoid being cliché.

Choice of only one of the following options:

6 Multimedia Uploads

Many businesses need multimedia to deliver their content to their audience. This can include videos, podcasts, or interactive videos like those in a learning management system (LMS).

3 Publications

Publications can give your brand new exposure through channels like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, research journals, or private publishers. You can also publish content to your own blog to provide value to your immediate following.

TERM: Three Months

PRICE: $10,000.00 per Month