About Us

About Us

Tim Schulz

My father once said I am “honest to a fault.” An employer from the distant past said I “wear my emotions on my sleeves.” I’m very direct, and sometimes that is interpreted as abrasive. Many of you will stop reading here, but that’s why I put it at the beginning. 

I believe in learning from mistakes and strengthening weaknesses. You’ll find the majority of my biography portrayed through all aspects of Vimaginations including its blog, its clients, and its employees. 

I cull through fluff, but I still have an immense appreciation for artistic expression and the simpler things in life like what Henry David Thoreau wrote about. My favorite book of all time is “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. Writing is ingrained in my life. Music was once my muse. I have a passion for adventure and a powerful imagination.

I tell it like it is, and I speak rather candidly. I never liked buzzwords or jargon. When I consult clients, I try to be as open as possible while still catering to their sensibilities. I sincerely believe I can learn from all of them, so I appreciate every opportunity to work together. I hope to serve many more and grow together.

Logan Donovan

Coming from a large family in small-town Indiana, I moved to Arizona to explore the variety of culture, terrain, and personalities. I’m an advocate for conservation and the great outdoors. Nature, in its purest form, is my ideal destination. I plan to absorb the many beautiful surroundings that Arizona provides, and take care of it as I go.

I’m a passionate fan of baseball, cooking, and rock’n’roll. I’m one of those odd birds who can tune into 9 innings of baseball all season long (Go ChiSox!). For music, between my mother relaxing to the Eagles and the Cars, and my dad jamming to AC/DC and Ozzy, I’ve accumulated an old-school repertoire of musical appreciation. 

I’m happy to be a part of Vimaginations because it’s a small business with big aspirations for fellow entrepreneurs. I’ve always been geared towards small-business, as I see it as a phenomenal way to build a machine where all wheels contribute motion. I look forward to accommodating entrepreneurs to help them accomplish their dreams and attain success.


Hello, much of the world shut down with the “little c” turned 19 and ran rampant like a teenager. We’ve experience our own hiring, retention, and resignation issues, but we can always use more people!

Just email support@vimaginations.com with your resume and we’ll think about what we might be able to do together. 

We consider independent contractors as well as employees, so don’t be shy.