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About Us

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Brigid Feasel

My father once said I am “honest to a fault.” An employer from the distant past said I “wear my emotions on my sleeves.” I’m very direct, and sometimes that is interpreted as abrasive. Many of you will stop reading here, but that’s why I put it at the beginning. 

I believe in learning from mistakes and strengthening weaknesses. You’ll find the majority of my biography portrayed through all aspects of Vimaginations including its blog, its clients, and its employees. 

I cull through fluff, but I still have an immense appreciation for artistic expression and the simpler things in life like what Henry David Thoreau wrote about. My favorite book of all time is “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. Writing is ingrained in my life. Music was once my muse. I have a passion for adventure and a powerful imagination.

I tell it like it is, and I speak rather candidly. I never liked buzzwords or jargon. When I consult clients, I try to be as open as possible while still catering to their sensibilities. I sincerely believe I can learn from all of them, so I appreciate every opportunity to work together. I hope to serve many more and grow together.

An Arizona-Native, Basil joined our team in 2018 as a fresh face in the content marketing “world.” Basil displays a passion for non-conventional paths to revenue and off-the-grid careers as he comes from a traditional background. He chose marketing and Vimaginations as he always felt out of place in previous settings as a grad. student, sales rep. and stockbroker. It took him some time to “figure” out his path, and he fits into our vision well.  

Basil enjoys working with clients; helping them implement tactics to grow their brand, content and following. He gets satisfaction out of seeing entrepreneurs evolve into profitable businesses. Basil enjoys spending time barbecuing with his family, walking his German Shepherd, playing video games, learning animation and training jiu-jitsu. 

Brigid had the pleasure of receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in art from Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. With her degree in tow, a bizarre amount of confidence, and two worried parents, she set cross country to pursue her career in art and design. 

As a movie lover, Brigid strives to create designs to portray stories that resonate with clients and their audiences. Besides watching movies, Brigid loves to read to her dog, Shadow, cat, Jefferson, play video games with her fiancé Grant, and enjoy the desert sun.